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About Genevieve

My Mission

Do you realize that EVERYONE you know has experienced one or more of the following traumas: sexual, physical, or emotional abuse; an alcoholic environment; co-dependency; a life threatening or major illness.


I have lived, experienced and SURVIVED all of the above. Now, through my Energy Medicine practice, I help others survive and thrive after suffering similiar traumas. I focus my practice primarily on the special needs of today's woman and men because I feel I have so many unique insights and personal experiences to share.

My typical client has often suffered a sexual assault or incest, which has led to a lifetime of other issues like alcoholism, depression, co-dependency, low self-esteem and more. When they first come to my practice, their lives are driven by their past baggage. In most cases, we are able to successfully do the "hard work", and they leave owning their lives, sometimes for the first time. My clients usually experience: a lighter feeling after off-loading emotional baggage and limiting beliefs; improved self-esteem; higher energy; more confidence; and a new outlook on life!

Genevieve DiGiovanni
Certified Energy Medicine
Practitioner & Instructor

My Training & Certifications

Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner & Certified Eden Energy Medicine Instructor | Donna Eden at Inner Source

Eden Energy Medicine optimizes your overall health, vitality, and bodily repair. A variety of techniques are used to strengthen and maintain the flow, balance, and harmony within your natural energy system. Most of these techniques are based on a strong foundation of well-understood acupressure techniques.

Touch for Health Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a holistic technique using the muscular system to conduct "muscle testing" as a mean of monitoring physiological response from the brain in relation to various triggers. The Touch for Health focus is a monitoring procedure that applies a light pressure to a muscle to monitor its response and identify where an imbalance lies within your energetic system which is blocking the natural healing process.

Energy Psychology (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

A simple-to-use healing method similar to acupressure, best known for providing relief from pain, disease and emotional issues. It is based on a new discovery that involves tapping the traditional meridian points on your body with your fingertips. This is an extremely useful tool in our quest to transform women's and men's health.

Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Faster EFT combines the most significant aspects of Emotional Feedom Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), science --- and the mind's great ability to set itself free. One of the most significant aspects of Faster EFT is that it is fast and to the point. It has at its foundation a healthy and logical belief system based on how the mind works and the role of our subconscious beliefs, perceptions, and self judgements play in creating emotional and physical stress. Stress affects our health, pain, and how we live our daily lives. The power of of Faster EFT lies in its ability to uncover the structure of how you create your problem. Once this structure is uncovered, the Faster EFT practitioner can guide you in freeing yourself from the traumas of the past, letting go of limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

The Reconnection

This transformational new process is a new dimension in the field of natural energy healing developed by Dr. Eric Pearl and is experiencing a tremendous amount of interest over the past several years. The Reconnection is seen as the umbrella term of reconnecting to the universe in a manner that allows the higher frequencies to permeate, upgrade, and empower our DNA, energy field, chakras and meridians. Typical effects include deep peace and relaxation, and a feeling of well-being and balance.

My Story

What caused me to become a natural healing conduit? My own journey — starting with the loss of a parent – the death of my Father when I was nine. Shortly before my Father’s passing, I was molested by a neighbor boy — that shook my confidence and trust in others. Many other life challenges were to face me along my journey. While my spiritual journey will never end, it has taken me to a brighter, healthier state of joy and wellbeing. My journey has been wonderful at times — painful at times. It helped me discover my life purpose: working to improve one’s health & wellness — one person at a time — wherever and whenever I find them.

I was the oldest of three born into a first generation Italian family. I had two younger brothers and my early childhood memories were happy and bright. Then, when I was nine, my Father became terminally ill and passed away after five agonizing months. His loss left a tremendous hole in our family and a huge hole in my heart. Life changed immediately and “Miss Responsibility” was born. My first responsibility was to tend to my two younger brothers, Rocky, 7 and Gary, 12 months old.


It seemed like people were dying on all sides of me and our big, tightly knit family dwindled quickly. Mother lost her Father on Monday and her Husband on Friday (the same week). Shortly afterward, she lost her Mom, two sisters in their forties, and a brother-in-law. We all lived in close proximity of each other and it had a major impact on our family lives. Some households survived the death and loss of a loved one, but moved away — more loss.

As a 6 or 7-year old, I had visitors at the foot of my bed during the night. I would run and tell my Mother and she would scoot me back to bed. I did the best I could figure things out, but who knew? Many years later, I would come to realize that these “visitors” were the spirit guides in my life — influences that would be there when I needed them for the rest of my life. So, back to my childhood memories. They [the spirit guides] wanted to talk and I wanted to listen. I used to hear stories about my Grandmother [a natural “hands on healer” in her own right] and some of the things she could do to help people. It sounded like magic to me. But, for the people she helped, she was a Godsend at a time when there was not affordable medical care for all who needed it. So, my curiosity started started with my “Grandmother the Healer” and has never stopped.

Who am I? Is there something special we are supposed to be doing here? How do I find my life purpose? Help me find my passion! Although I didn’t realize it at the time, it was a big, bright road sign pointing me to where I am today. I did not have the answers and the insight at that point — and my life had to go on. The pain of the loss of my Father was a pain that never left me. What’s that old saying? “What does not kill us, makes us stronger!” I married at 19, was a Mom at 20, and by 23 was a Mom to three beautiful children. I started and built a business so I could give them a good education. The business took so much of my attention and energy – I often felt the guilt of not spending enough time with my family and children. It took me a long time to work through all of that STUFF from my journey. Life was moving very quickly — and all the while, things always seemed out of sync.

The pain of my life challenges affected how I felt about myself and how I interacted and trusted others. There were always questions that I forced on myself: Why didn’t I go to college? Why did I marry so young? etc, etc. Emotionally, what was I supposed to do with these thoughts and feelings? I tried every avenue outside of myself — first alcohol, then other forms of excess. Eventually the pile of “I’m not good enough” got so big that I suffered a breakdown.



On that fateful day, my journey had taken me down a blind alley to a painful dead-end crash. I thought it was truly the end, but as I discovered with the help of God, family and dear friends, and my inner self — it was the beginning of the next portion of my healing journey. It has been a difficult but positive road back, and during that time I’ve survived four different types of cancer.

I am grateful to be here to share this story with you today. My journey has taken me to the point where I realize that I now have so much to share with other people on their paths to health, wellness and happiness. Most of the problems that I help clients with today are ones that I have faced and conquered. I am living proof for them that they can excel also at this path we call life. I worked hard to train in a variety of natural healing techniques and in several years earned my first professional certification as an energy medicine practitioner, and later as a certified instructor. I’m doing what I love and helping others in the process — I found my purpose, I found my passion, and I found my inner peace that I had sought since I was a young child.


My point to you is that we all have difficult roads behind and ahead of us. We all have the power within each of us to help heal ourselves, make our lives better, and achieve the well-being that we all desire. My approach as an energy healer is to help you harness your body’s natural healing abilities to achieve your highest level of well-being and start Your Healing Journey!

Genevieve DiGiovanni

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